The Sony MDR-V150 Review

sonymdr-v150I have had these headphones for a couple months now, and if I had to summarize these headphones in two words: below average. Everything is below average. For around $30 CDN, you get a pair of supra-aural headphones made completely of plastic. The ear pads are comfortable, but not for prolonged periods of use. Sound wise they handle most genres of music well, loosing some bass while clipping the highs (rare, but usually happens listening to metal) but the mids are well reproduced. In order to get a decent sound, the volume needed to be set to around 25-27 (out of 30). Even at this volume, there isn’t much bass to be had. The instruments were not separated very well and sounded muddy at times, regardless of genre. An update will be added if the FiiO E5 affects the quality of sound. These are not headphones for anybody. If you only have thirty dollars to spend on headphones, there are much better headphones out there like the Sennheiser HD 202’s which can be had for under $40. Tested on a Samsung P2 (mp3 at 224 kbit/s) with no modifications to the EQ and DNSe set to normal.

Bottom Line: You get less than what you paid for.

2 out of 5


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With all the review sites around, the Samsung accessories have gotten a back seat to all of the Apple products. If you can find out something about the product, it is a press release at best. This site will review the YA-SD210 dock, Altec-Lansing Soundblade Bluetooth speakers, A FiiO E5 (a headphone amp, if deal extreme will ship it), and the Actual P2 itself (All the accessories will be compatible with the P3 and various other YEPP players) to start off. Maybe even a new CD or two for your listening pleasure. Headphones and various other accessories should be reviewed as well.

Reviews should be up soon. Keep checking back for updates! Or use the RSS.

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