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Review – FiiO E5 Headphone Amp

FiiO E5 Headphone AmpIf you are not happy with your headphones performance, and want a cheap upgrade, welcome to the FiiO E5 portable headphone amplifier.  It sits between your music source (Samsung P2) and turns up the volume.  But it doesn’t just make your music louder, it has a base boost option for bass heads like me.  It has an internal battery charged by mini USB and is rated for about 8 hours.  As you can see, it resembles the iPod shuffle in design.

To say that the E5 makes your music louder would be accurate, but not the full story.  Along with the bass boost it rounds out music and makes it sound warmer and more full.  Listening to Beast – Microcyte sounds much more enjoyable on my Sony MDR-150 with more bass.  All types of music seems to benefit from the E5.  At $20 this is a steal. 

Bottom Line: Better sound at rock bottom prices

4 out of 5


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Review – Magic DVD Ripper

What’s this? A program to rip DVD’s?  If you have a P2 and want high quality movies on it, with as few steps as possible, this is your program.  Magic DVD Ripper is a $34.97 (USD) program that allows for one touch DVD ripping.

mDVDrJust plop in your DVD, if you want to use the same settings as last time, just hit the large start button and the program goes to work.  Now here is where it gets good for P2 owners.  It has profiles for iPod and other media formats, but there is one specifically for the P2.  It is a 480 X 272 .wmv format that WILL drag and drop right on to your P2.  Thats it.  Hit start, once it is done, copy and paste to you P2.  Done.  You are watching high quality movies on your P2. Your only decision is if it worth 35 bones.

Bottom line: For movie lovers that own a P2, but is a little pricey.

3.5 out of 5

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So the SD210 dock arrived today.  Good news right?  Partially.  After opening the package and setting everything up, I found that my dock doesn’t connect to the computer.  It came with the same cable as the P2, and fits properly in the back of the dock, but will not charge the P2 or connect it to the computer.  The odd thing is the dock knows that the P2 is on it, and the speakers still work when playing music (which go pretty loud, but sound very tinny and not really that good).

Samsung Canada had no idea what I’m talking about, willing to give me the number for their Korean hot line, but was unsure if they spoke English.

So it might be back to eBay.  I’ll keep you posted.

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